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Amikor a régi fiók új életre kel

Imádom az antik dolgokat, és amikor egy snassz fiók teljesen új életre kel romantikus stílusban, arra öröm ránézni. Hát még használni! Remek dolog tárolásra kreatív szobába, fürdőszobába, gardróbba, vagy dekorációnak a lakás bármely szegletében. A fiókokat le kell festeni, meg is csiszolhatod helyenként, hogy antikosabb legyen. Adhatsz hozzá egy csodás fogantyút, vagy talpat... a képzelet ragadja el ilyenkor az embert, de itt nincs megállás! Mindent szabad!

A képek adják az inspirációt. Melyiket készítsük el?
Shabby Charming Blue Grey Wooden Box. Love the crystal feet, could use a drawer from an old chest to do this :):

A plain tray is updated to look like a repurposed drawer!:

An old drawer re-purposed into a tray for silverware or serving pieces. Note the antique knobs on the bottom of the drawer, which gives it character and height.:

Upcycle old drawers into under-bed rolling storage. Cute idea, you can get casters at home depot too.:

Inspirational Piece! Repurpose old drawers into an adorable lamp with a burlap shade to top it off. So Cute! <3 The Rustic Duchess:

old ladders - Google Search:
Way cute. Could recreate with old jelly jars and antique sewing machine drawer.:

genius, finally i can be proud to show up with my disposable pans.  Love it.  easy diy.:

Combine legs from an old chair or table with your dresser drawer to create a useful storage table.  Set it next to the bath  to keep your bath salts and towels handy!  (If you don’t have any old legs for this you can buy new ones at the home improvement store.) could also make nightstands for our bedroom.... Hmmmm:

Drawers upcycled as shelves - but what I REALLY wanted to note are the little upper pieces put in to make little arches - that really finishes them off and would be a nice addition to crate shelves, box shelves, or whatever  ************************************************ 52Flea - #shelf #upcycled #repurposed #drawer #arch #decorate #wall #display #wooden #home #decor  - tå√:

repurpoused dresser drawers | Repurposed dresser drawer, add legs & it becomes a pet ... | DIY ideas:

diy dog bed / basket:
We have tons of old dresser drawers, almost any size... they range from $1 to $3 and this would be a great way to utilize them and decorate for cheap !:

repurposed drawer ideas http://bec4-beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com/2014/03/projects-galore-with-drawers.html With a couple of wooden shelves, this drawer is super functional. If you need a drawer and live in New York, come check out ReHouse for dozens of shapes and sizes of salvaged drawers! www.rehouseny.com:

old sewing machine drawers:

Use old drawers for creative shelves. | Community Post: 41 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home:

Repurposed drawers into a charming wall hung storage shelves, by Knick of Time:

Ottoman made from a drawer:

Update your home for spring with these simple, inexpensive ideas from LoveGrowsWild.com - click for more photos!:

.Sewing machine drawer... bathroom items, bedroom dresser, desk.:

Old drawer converted into a box. Attractive.:

Inexpensive Drawer and Pedestal Planter www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com:

Drawer tray ♥:

A vintage sewing machine drawer that has been shabbied to perfection. Could it be more perfect?:

Vintage Drawer Chalkboard using an old desk drawer and chalk paint. www.homeroad.net:


awesome upcycle ideas  This would be great in the bathroom, hang jewelry, and a place for your comb, brush whatever  :):

diy wooden crates:

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